...about the composer Armin Pokorn

"For more then ten years I have been fascinated by working with percussionists and drummers of different styles.
The reason for this inclination for working with musicians of a specific group of instruments can be found in the fact
that percussionists are able to put a rythm in into any conceivable sound. In this way they can create a kind of music
consisting of sound as well as rhythm without being constricted to harmonic structures. At the same time they have the
ability to integrate harmonic structures by the use of mallets and other tuned percussion-instruments.
This exactly corresponds to my own development as an instrumentalist. Even as aguitar player I would like to be able
to produce any conceivable sound at any time. I would like to be independent from traditional funktions of my instrument
and only use them as a welcome complement to 'coincidentally found' sounds. Percussionists put this into
practice from the very beginning. Here two ideas meet by aiming at the same target from different starting points."